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Semi-Annual Medical Gas Inspections and Testing

Precision Medical Gas Testing provides annual medical gas inspections and testing in accordance with the CSA Standards. The following is a brief description of the testing procedures used:

Source of Supply/Master Alarm Test

Master alarm panels are verified to be on a dedicated circuit breaker and connected to the essential electrical system. The master alarm panel is verified to operate independently of all other alarm systems in the healthcare facility including computer-controlled alarm systems. The location of the master alarm panel is checked to ensure it is in an area continuously and responsibly surveilled.

All pressure switches in the sources of supply are calibrated and their operation verified. All sources are verified as having one main shut-off valve and that the mainline pressure or vacuum switches are downstream (on the user side) of that valve. All alarms are simulated. Supply changeover from primary to secondary and emergency supplies is performed, and their associated warning alarms are verified.

Pump packages are inspected to ensure that each pump can be totally isolated for service without affecting the operation of the remaining pump(s). The correct alternation of the pumps as well as the cut-in and cut-out set points for each pump are tested and verified. Related pressure switches are calibrated and their operations verified. Alarm points associated with each pump package are verified. Medical air reserve cylinder extension leads are checked for proper flexibility, metal fatigue and thread damage to the cylinder connection. Non return valves for medical air reserve cylinders are checked for proper closure.

Particulate Filter Test

Compressed medical gases are tested for particulate contamination. This is done by discharging medical gas through a 0.3 micron glass fiber filter at a controlled flow rate. The presence of particulate matter within the piping may deteriorate internal seals and integral components of terminal units. This can negatively affect respiratory therapy equipment resulting in premature service costs.


Gas Purity Test

Samples of medical air and instrument air produced by a compressor supply system are drawn and sent to a laboratory to be analyzed for compliance with the requirements of the CSA Standards. The laboratory used has been certified by the Standards Council of Canada to perform gas analysis to the requirements of the CSA Standards.


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