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Medical Gas Inspection & Testing for British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan

At Precision Medical Gas Testing in Kelowna, we provide testing, inspections and outlet repairs for medical gas pipeline systems throughout BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. To keep your medical facility in compliance with CSA Standards, we offer the following services:

  • Hospital inspections
  • Dental office inspections
  • Surgical centre inspections
  • Outlet flow resistance testing
  • Zone alarm testing
  • Zone valve testing
  • Source of supply inspection and testing
  • Particulate filter testing
  • Alarm testing
  • Alarm calibrations
  • Gas purity analysis
  • Master alarm testing and verification
  • Particulate sampling
  • Purity samples
  • Compressor testing
  • Regulator testing and adjustments
  • Pressure switch testing
  • Pressure switch calibrations
  • Medical gas outlet repair and cleaning
  • Consulting
  • Detailed reports

We provide inspection and testing on the following systems:

  • Oxygen
  • Medical air
  • Medical vacuum
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Nitrogen
  • Instrument air
  • A.G.S.S.

Commitment to Safety

Medical gas is a vital component for many medical facilities. We follow many safety protocols to ensure that your patients and facility are protected. At Precision Medical Gas Testing, we understand how testing and inspections can affect your facility’s operations, staff and patients. Many of the clients we’ve worked with have commended us for our ability to do our job without disrupting their work or needing constant assistance from their staff.

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