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Experienced, Reliable Medical Gas Testing Technicians

Precision Medical Gas Testing was founded by Paul Klotz with a vision of providing the healthcare industry with professional, knowledgeable and reliable medical gas inspection and testing services. Regular maintenance and verification testing of medical gas pipeline systems are required by the CSA Standards.

Capable and Professional

Medical gas is an extremely important function of any hospital, health, surgical or dental facility. During testing, when medical gas alarms are being triggered throughout a facility, line pressures are being adjusted and source-of-supply system failures are being simulated, health care facilities can be confident that all Precision Medical Gas Testing employees are knowledgeable and understand how it can potentially affect the hospital staff, patients and patient care. We can confidently read the flow of any department inside the hospital and/or facility and make the proper decision as to what can or cannot be done in a department at any given time.

Many hospitals have commended us for our ability to get the job done without disruption to the hospital and without the need to be constantly assisted or monitored by facilities’ staff.

Our Experience

Paul has over 15 years of experience working in healthcare as a facilities maintenance worker and medical gas inspector. Every Precision Medical Gas Testing employee completes an apprenticeship program to enable them to gain the knowledge and experience required to be successful in this industry.

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