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Medical Gas Outlet Repairs

Precision Medical Gas Testing offers medical gas outlet repair services. Leaking outlets (terminal units) result in increased costs to medical facilities due to product loss as well as additional electrical charges and equipment wear from extra running time on pump packages. Medical gas outlets often require repair as o-rings dry out and/or springs wear out. Outlets also require frequent cleaning due to contamination. When repairing pressurized outlets, a shutdown of the medical gas in the affected area is required. Precision Medical Gas Testing consults and works with the respiratory, nursing and maintenance staff to ensure a smooth repair is made with the least disruption to patient care.

Safety Protocols

Although the repair itself is usually quite straightforward, there are many precautions and protocols that need to be followed to ensure patient safety and to safeguard the hospital from a liability situation. The technicians at Precision Medical Gas Testing are knowledgeable and experienced in all types of outlet repairs.


There are several manufacturers of medical gas outlets. Some common manufacturers of products used in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan healthcare facilities are:

  • Amico
  • Tri-Tech
  • Ohio Medical
  • Medstar
  • Oxequip
  • Chemetron

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